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Make Your Message Memorable with Motion Graphics

In today's fast-paced world, attention spans are shorter than ever. Static content just doesn't cut it anymore.

Tenfold Animations creates stunning motion graphics that captivate audiences and make your message unforgettable.

Motion Graphic Services

Our Motion Graphic Services

We bring your ideas to life with vibrant visuals and smooth animations that capture the essence of your message. From character design to motion graphics, we have the expertise to create compelling animations for any purpose.

Motion Graphics for Marketing

Supercharge your marketing campaigns with eye-catching animations.

Social Media Motion Graphics

Create stop-scrolling content for social media platforms.

Custom Motion Graphics

We can create bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Motion Graphic

Boost Engagement & Attention

Motion graphics are inherently captivating. The combination of movement, visuals, and sound grabs attention and keeps viewers hooked, leading to higher engagement with your message.

Simplify Complex Topics

Complicated ideas can be tough to grasp. Motion graphics excel at breaking down complex information into easily digestible chunks. Animations, illustrations, and clear narration make learning enjoyable and efficient.

Increase Conversion Rates

Engaged viewers are more likely to convert into customers. By using motion graphics to explain your product or service in a clear and compelling way, you can drive sales and achieve your business goals.

Memorable & Shareable

Motion graphics are inherently memorable. The combination of movement and visuals creates a lasting impact on viewers, making your content more likely to be shared and talked about.

Why Brands Love Us

Brands love Tenfold Animations because we create stunning, engaging explainer videos that bring their vision to life. Our animations entertain, educate, and leave a lasting impression, making complex ideas clear and boosting brand storytelling. This impactful content transcends language barriers, reaching a wider audience and driving results.

Masterminds Behind Your 2D Animation

Our Tenfold Animation Team

Art Directors

Imagine your animation as a masterpiece. Our Art Directors act as visionary artists, crafting the overall aesthetic and visual style. They establish the color palettes, character designs, and environment concepts that set the tone and mood for your animation.

Lead Animator

The Lead Animators are the conductors of the animation orchestra. They take the concepts and breathe life into them, ensuring fluid and expressive movement for your characters and objects. They set the animation standards, guiding the team to achieve a cohesive and visually compelling final product.

2D and 3D Animators

Our team of skilled animators brings your project to life, whether it's in 2D or 3D. They meticulously craft each frame, ensuring smooth and captivating movement that captivates your audience and brings your story to life.

Character Designers

Our Character Designers are the architects of your animation's personalities. They create memorable characters that resonate with your audience, from initial sketches to final 3D models.

Environment Artists

Transport your audience to new worlds with our environmental artists. They create immersive landscapes and settings that bring your animation to life, whether it's a fantastical realm or a realistic urban environment.

Technical Directors

Not all heroes wear capes! Our Technical Directors are the behind-the-scenes wizards who ensure your animation functions flawlessly. They handle the technical aspects, making sure your animation runs smoothly across various platforms and integrates any technical requirements you might have.


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Corporate Fact

For over a decade, Tenfold Animations has been a leader in the animation industry. Our team of 100+ passionate professionals offers a diverse range of over 20 animation services, ensuring we can tackle any project with expertise. With a remarkable 93% client satisfaction rate, we're dedicated to exceeding expectations and bringing your vision to life through exceptional animation


Years On The Market


Years On The Market


Years On The Market


Years On The Market

Why Choose Tenfold Animations?

We tell captivating stories

Our animations go beyond visuals; they weave together emotion, information, and movement to create a lasting impact.

We make complex ideas clear.

Explainer videos are our specialty. We break down intricate concepts into digestible pieces, making learning enjoyable and efficient.

We boost engagement and conversions.

Eye-catching animations grab attention and keep viewers hooked, leading to higher engagement and ultimately, driving results.

We tailor solutions to your needs.

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We collaborate with you to understand your brand and goals, crafting bespoke motion graphics that perfectly align with your vision


Hear From Our Trusted Customers

Read what our clients have to say about our dedication to their projects. We deliver only the best!

Just got off the phone with a rep at Tenfold Animation and it's one of the most refreshing conversations I've had with an Animation studio in a while. If you're looking for 100% transparency on your project you can bet that the crew here will have your back, no hassling for money or anything right away its about how you want to take your idea to the next level and see it to completion. I'll 110% be working with Tenfold Animation on my series & can't wait to see my vision brought to life.

─── grimnotthereaper

From the initial consultation to the final delivery, Tenfold Animations demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail. They took the time to understand my vision and goals for the project, and their team brought it to life. They remained responsive and communicative throughout the entire process, ensuring that I was informed and involved every step of the way.

─── Mary Eryza

I contacted TenFold Animation to design a short animated advertisement for our local interior design agency. The animation they designed so powerful that we gained some leads through that animation's social promotion. I recommend this company to all types of animation.

─── Alfie Doherty

The best company hands down for animation videos. They were very knowledgeable, efficient, and cost effective. Thanks Tenfold Animations for everything!

─── Terry Taylor

So far this company has been fun, easy and great to work with. The service has been professional and amazing. I would definitely recommend this company for your business.

─── Torris

"I've always been fascinated by cel animation, and Jase at Tenfold brought my dream project to life with such passion and precision. It’s like stepping back in time but with a modern twist. Absolutely cherish the craftsmanship here!"

─── Kelly McColgan Conger

The whole process was smooth he nailed every thing I wanted the animations look good. Very easy to work with.

─── Wayne Purvey Jr

Harald is a wizard! Our explainer video is now the highlight of our homepage. He took our complex product and made it super simple to understand. Our customers finally get it, and our sales show it. Tenfold Animations, you guys rock!

─── Vega

The 2D animated campaign Tenfold crafted drove a 30% lift in trial conversions. Their character designs were endearing and the storytelling was crystal clear. It was the most effective marketing we have ever run. We can't wait to work with them again.

─── Nicole Martin

I referred Tenfold to several business associates after being so satisfied with the animation they created for our crowdfunding campaign video. Their detailed proposal process put me at ease and they delivered ahead of the deadline despite revisions. Highly recommend!

─── Peter Johnson

frequently asked questions

Motion graphics are animated visual elements used to communicate a message, tell a story, or convey information. They can include animated text, graphics, and effects to create dynamic and engaging content.

Motion graphics can be used in a wide range of projects, including explainer videos, logo animations, social media ads, event graphics, title sequences, product demonstrations, and more.

The time it takes to create motion graphics depends on the complexity of the project. Simple animations may take a few days, while more complex projects could take several weeks.

The cost of motion graphics varies depending on factors such as the length and complexity of the animation, the level of customization required, and the experience of the animation studio. We offer customized quotes based on your specific project needs.

We provide motion graphics in a variety of file formats, including MP4, MOV, and GIF, depending on your project requirements and where the animation will be used.

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