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Looking for an Animator? Let Us Bring Your Vision to Life!

As a full-service animation studio, we have helped businesses just like yours use animated videos to engage customers, explain concepts, train employees, and more.

Our team of skilled animators, designers, and producers have extensive experience bringing all types of projects to life. Whether you need an explainer video, product demonstration, sales presentation, or social media animation, we have the talent and technology to exceed your expectations.

Every project gets the personal touch with an assigned producer to guide you through the process from start to finish. They will work closely with you to understand goals, define the right style and message, develop a timeline and budget, and ensure you are completely satisfied with the final video.

We also offer ongoing support like revisions, closed captioning, and file conversion to any format you need. All of our work is delivered on deadline and within budget, so you can start using your new animation immediately.

Let our award-winning videos and a long list of content clients speak for the quality of our work.

Our Services

Level Up Your Engagement with Animation

At Tenfold Animations Inc., we love making animated videos. We enjoy every step of the process, from planning out 2D drawings to crafting 3D characters. Creativity is what drives us!

2D Animations

We're experts in making exciting and engaging 2D animations designed just for you. Our team of talented professionals, using top-notch tools and offering a variety of animation services, turns your ideas into captivating visuals. Whether it's character animations, explainer videos, motion graphics, or animated commercials, we make sure our animations match your brand and goals

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3D Animations

3D animation is a technique where digital models and environments are manipulated to create moving images. Our 3D animation adds depth and realism by simulating three-dimensional space to your product videos. This form of animation is widely used in movies, video games, advertisements, and more to bring characters and scenes to life with lifelike movement and detail.

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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are a great way for marketers to simplify complex ideas without relying on costly production or professional actors. Our videos use lively drawings paired with clear audio to make even the most boring topics interesting and engaging.

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Explainer Videos

Make complex ideas easy to understand and remember with our powerful explainer videos. We combine clear messaging, engaging animation, and captivating storytelling to drive results.

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Motion Graphics

Since many marketers heavily depend on written material, there's a better way to grab your visitors' attention – motion graphic animation. This type of animation blends 2D and 3D styles with text to make your message clearer and more compelling. By animating numbers, shapes, and objects, motion graphic videos make your digital story more captivating and memorable.

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Architectural Visualization

Architectural visualization is the process of crafting digital representations of architectural designs. At Tenfold Animations Inc., we use computer-generated imagery (CGI) to visualize buildings, interiors, landscapes, and urban environments before they are constructed. These visualizations can range from still images to interactive virtual reality experiences, helping architects, designers, and clients to better understand and communicate design concepts, spatial relationships, and aesthetics.

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At Tenfold Animations Inc., we develop high-quality CGI-VFX by using computer-generated imagery to create or enhance visual effects in movies, television shows, commercials, and other forms of media. We use techniques such as digital characters, environments, special effects, and more.

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Turn complex data into eye-catching visuals. Charts, graphs, and icons make information clear and memorable. Boost engagement on your website, social media, or presentations with infographics that captivate your audience.

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Hybrid & Cel Animations

This animation style combines the charm of traditional cel animation with the flexibility and power of digital tools. Imagine hand-drawn characters brought to life with smooth movements and dynamic effects – that's the magic of Hybrid & Cel Animation!

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Animating Your Narrative Where Creativity Knows No Limits Animating Your Narrative Where Creativity Knows No Limits Animating Your Narrative Where Creativity Knows No Limits

Other Services

From Pixels To Perfection
Creating Apps And Websites That Tell Your Story

Did you know that a staggering 88% of users are inclined to avoid revisiting a website following a negative experience? That's why we help you create websites and apps that are not just creative and interactive but also easy to navigate. From CMS websites, e-commerce websites, B2B portals, Android App, and React Native App to Augmented Reality, we integrate the latest innovations into your dream project.

Each step of the project is designed and tested with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring you receive an error-free website or app that functions effortlessly.

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Our Premium Animation Service

Need A Solid Animation, But Flexible On Deadlines And Details?

The Ninja Animation package mb-5 is for you! Here's the difference Between the Ninja And Standard package mb-5.

  • Project Management: Dedicated Ninja Manager vs. Shared Project Manager
  • Scheduling: Priority Scheduling for Ninja package mb-5 vs. Standard Scheduling
  • Revisions: Unlimited Revisions in Ninja package mb-5 vs. Set Revision Limit
  • Animation Team: Top-Tier Animators for Ninja package mb-5 vs. Experienced Animators
  • Features: Advanced Features Unlocked (Rigging, Sound Design, etc.)

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Hear From Our Trusted Customers

Read what our clients have to say about our dedication to their projects. We deliver only the best!

Just got off the phone with a rep at Tenfold Animation and it's one of the most refreshing conversations I've had with an Animation studio in a while. If you're looking for 100% transparency on your project you can bet that the crew here will have your back, no hassling for money or anything right away its about how you want to take your idea to the next level and see it to completion. I'll 110% be working with Tenfold Animation on my series & can't wait to see my vision brought to life.

─── grimnotthereaper

From the initial consultation to the final delivery, Tenfold Animations demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail. They took the time to understand my vision and goals for the project, and their team brought it to life. They remained responsive and communicative throughout the entire process, ensuring that I was informed and involved every step of the way.

─── Mary Eryza

I contacted TenFold Animation to design a short animated advertisement for our local interior design agency. The animation they designed so powerful that we gained some leads through that animation's social promotion. I recommend this company to all types of animation.

─── Alfie Doherty

The best company hands down for animation videos. They were very knowledgeable, efficient, and cost effective. Thanks Tenfold Animations for everything!

─── Terry Taylor

So far this company has been fun, easy and great to work with. The service has been professional and amazing. I would definitely recommend this company for your business.

─── Torris

"I've always been fascinated by cel animation, and Jase at Tenfold brought my dream project to life with such passion and precision. It’s like stepping back in time but with a modern twist. Absolutely cherish the craftsmanship here!"

─── Kelly McColgan Conger

The whole process was smooth he nailed every thing I wanted the animations look good. Very easy to work with.

─── Wayne Purvey Jr

Harald is a wizard! Our explainer video is now the highlight of our homepage. He took our complex product and made it super simple to understand. Our customers finally get it, and our sales show it. Tenfold Animations, you guys rock!

─── Vega

The 2D animated campaign Tenfold crafted drove a 30% lift in trial conversions. Their character designs were endearing and the storytelling was crystal clear. It was the most effective marketing we have ever run. We can't wait to work with them again.

─── Nicole Martin

I referred Tenfold to several business associates after being so satisfied with the animation they created for our crowdfunding campaign video. Their detailed proposal process put me at ease and they delivered ahead of the deadline despite revisions. Highly recommend!

─── Peter Johnson

Reasons You Need Animations For Your Business

Do you worry that your valuable customers might be leaving because they're unsure about your services? Explainer videos clear up confusion, making it easier to attract and convert potential customers instantly.

30-second product videos make it easy to illustrate complicated concepts, aiding your potential customers in making informed choices. Utilize them for quick pitches and sales demonstrations to accelerate the decision-making process.

Animated videos are a useful method to educate and train your audience. Unlike written guides, videos allow you to visually explain the issue and demonstrate how to resolve it clearly.


frequently asked questions

Timelines vary depending on the complexity of the project, but generally, explainer videos take 2-4 weeks, product demos 3-6 weeks, and longer form content 6-12 weeks. Our producers are available to provide a customized estimate during the initial consultation.

We can provide animation deliverables in all standard codecs and formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and WMV. File types are optimized for use on websites, social media, digital signage, and presentation software. We also offer closed captioning and formatting for accessibility.

We start with a consultation to understand goals and clarify the message or story. Then, our team develops concepts, storyboards, character designs, and assets. Production involves animating, editing, and adding sound/music. Finally, we do quality control checks and deliver the final animation on schedule with any needed revisions.

Our animators are your main point of contact and will share interim work like concepts, storyboards, and early production versions to collect feedback. This input helps ensure the final animation truly reflects your vision before delivery. We aim to collaborate openly throughout.

Yes, we understand animated content has ongoing usage. We provide Commercial-use Licenses with permission to distribute the final files broadly. You also retain access to source files if minor revisions are needed later. We're always available to discuss future projects, and new ideas and support your animation library over time.


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